Rotary Club of West Pasco Sunset Documents

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Pictures 2021-22--
Rotary Club of West Pasco Sunset Bylaws as of March 2023.pdf158 KB03/17/23 at 09:08 AM
Rotary International Bylaws 2022.pdf292 KB10/05/22 at 11:21 AM
Rotary International Constitution 2022.pdf111 KB10/05/22 at 11:20 AM
New Mmbership Proposal Form.pdf369 KB09/22/22 at 12:33 PM
Florida Solicitation Letter 2022-2023.pdf599 KB09/16/22 at 07:02 AM
Final Letter 501c3 Foundation.pdf551 KB08/30/22 at 11:01 AM
Foundation EIN Certificate.pdf2 MB06/15/22 at 02:44 PM
Attendance Sign In Sheet May 2022.pdf33 KB05/02/22 at 11:13 AM
Pepin Interact Bylaws.pdf5 MB09/24/21 at 09:06 AM
Sunset Charter Member List from Trish.xlsx28 KB09/24/21 at 08:37 AM
Who's Who.docx13 KB07/19/21 at 01:29 PM
Guest Speaker Letter Requesting Info.docx14 KB07/19/21 at 01:28 PM
Paul Harris Fellow Brief Introduction.docx11 KB06/17/21 at 07:10 AM
Paul Harris Fellow Full Presentation.docx12 KB06/17/21 at 07:10 AM
Paul Harris Fellow Candidate Questionnaire.doc31 KB06/17/21 at 07:10 AM
New Member to Rotary Club Spoke by Anyone.doc27 KB06/17/21 at 07:09 AM
LOA Request WPSunset.pdf32 KB04/30/21 at 10:10 AM
MOU Blank 2021-22_WPS signed.pdf489 KB04/15/21 at 08:23 AM
Tiki Talk.pptx2 MB10/15/20 at 06:53 AM
Adding a Transferred Rotarian to Our Club Proceedure.docx11 KB07/23/20 at 11:45 AM
Foundation ByLaws.docx17 KB07/14/20 at 05:06 PM
Foundation Articles of Incorporation.pdf320 KB06/29/20 at 02:25 PM
Five Year Plan.docx14 KB06/29/20 at 02:08 PM
Sunset Charter Certificate.pdf675 KB06/29/20 at 02:06 PM
Rotary Avenues of Service and Four Way Test.docx14 KB06/29/20 at 02:05 PM
Interact Pepin Charter.pdf138 KB06/29/20 at 02:04 PM
Pepin Interact Letter for Charter.pdf337 KB06/29/20 at 02:04 PM
Interact Articles for Charter.docx12 KB06/29/20 at 02:03 PM
New 50-50.docx14 KB06/29/20 at 02:01 PM
Harassment Statement.docx13 KB06/29/20 at 01:59 PM
Rotary International Liability Insurance 2020-21.pdf573 KB06/20/20 at 08:10 AM
Sunset Fireside Chat.pptx727 KB06/30/19 at 03:36 PM
Fireside Chat.pptx727 KB06/30/19 at 03:33 PM
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